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Lombard Mutual Pawnbrokers & Jewelers | Since 1948

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Get Cash for Gold in NY with Lombard Mutual!

Want instant quotes on gold jewelry, silver coins, diamonds or collectibles!! As the leading Cash for Gold Buyer in NY, we offer immediate and private quotations.

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Cash for Gold is NY at our NYC Pawnshop...Sell Gold Today!


Tips For Helping You Make A Decision

Loans on Jewelry and Gold in NY

Our Jewelry Pawn & Loan Program allows clients who have short term cash needs to use their jewelry as collateral on a low interest cash loan. Typical loan clients cherish and value their jewelry and gold to such an extent that they do not want to sell and say goodbye to it.  This Loan/Pawn program allows our clients to retain their precious valuables while giving them their short term cash needs.

Sell Gold Easily and Discreetly in NY Diamond District
To Sell Gold in NY we have the Lombard Jewelry Buying Program which is designed for customers interested in being paid instant cash on items they wish to sell. This Cash for Gold Program specifically designed for those who wish to rid themselves of unwanted, outdated, or unnecessary gold, watches or jewelry items. Many clients have accumulated jewelry, gifts & gold over the years which have little, if any, sentimental value.

Lombard Mutual Selling Gold vs. Jewelry Loan Chart

Cash Motivation Types of Jewelry Method Beneficial Reason
©2011 Lombard Mutual
Need of Cash Cherished Items Borrow Raise Cash While Keeping Items
Need of Cash Uncherished Items Either Don’t Care About Item
Unwanted Inheritance Uncherished Items Either Convert Unused Assets into Cash
Unworn Items Uncherished Items Sell Remove Unwanted Clutter
Gifts You Don’t Need Uncherished Items Sell Get Rid of Unwanted Memories
*Be advised that customer decisions vary and this chart is simply a guide on what others have done with their valuables
Thanks to Gold Quote.net, we are able to provide you with today’s real-time gold trading prices.


Selling Gold in NY with Lombard Mutual?

A few reasons why working with us makes a huge difference:
  • Our NYC Pawnshop Learn more about Lombard
    Family Owned & Operated
    For 3 Generations, Lombard Mutual has been serving the pawnbroking … Read more
  • NY leading Gold Buyers, Pawnbrokers and Jewelers
    Jewelry We Buy
    Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Wedding Rings, Watches … Read more
  • Get jewelry appraisals in NY for your next cash for gold sale
    Our Appraisal Process
    When valuing your Jewelry, we take extra care in studying the items … Read more
  • buying jewelry, diamonds and watches in manhattan and tri-state area
    Brands We Purchase
    Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany …We love high-end brands and offer … Read more
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