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Sell Gold vs Loans | Lombard Mutual Pawnbrokers & Jewelers | Since 1948

Sell Gold vs Gold Loans

At Lombard Mutual, we strongly believe that people underestimate the cash potential of their jewelry and valuables. In promoting that belief, we always try to encourage our customers of 3 important ideas:

    • 1. always buy real jewelry and not costume,
    • 2. always avoid the “retail-resale trap’, and
    • 3. understand that needed cash can be raised by either selling or borrowing against your items.


To learn more about the 3 ideas mentioned above, continue reading below:

1) Always buy real jewelry: Very often, clients come in with all types of costume and silver jewelry. Lombard does not deal with these types of items. We always encourage and recommend that our clients only buy real gold or platinum jewelry. The reason for this is that if one ever needs to sell the items, there is always a value to the item that can be converted to cash. As opposed to costume items, no matter how much is paid for them, there is no residual or resale value to the item. If one only purchases genuine jewelry and gems, they can always be used as a financial asset at Lombard, either to sell or borrow against.


2) Always avoid the “retail-resale trap”: Lombard always tries to enlighten its customers of the “retail-resale trap” that is vividly evident in today’s jewelry industry. The “retail-resale trap” can be illustrated in the following fashion: Sometimes when a client comes in to sell something that they purchased at another jeweler, they are disappointed with our offer. We respond that they should see how much the jeweler they purchased it from is willing to offer. 99% of the time, the response is that the jeweler does not buy things back. The reason for this is that their offer would expose that most of the money paid for the item went to cover other expenses for the shop, such as marketing, rent and commissions. In other words, only a fraction of the amount paid by the customer is related to the actual ”value” of the item. This is the “retail-resale trap” – the customer paid a high retail for the item, when it was really only worth a fraction of what was paid upfront. Jewelry customers are perpetually getting caught in this trap of paying high retail prices and being stuck with significantly lower resale price offers. In contrast, at Lombard Mutual, whenever we sell items, we will always note to the customer how much we will take the item back for. This practice places Lombard on the cutting edge of price and value guarantees in the jewelry industry, ensuring that our customers do not fall into the “retail-resale trap”. Countless times in our history, clients that sell things to us bought at other jewelers, come back in the future to make their next purchase at Lombard, as they now know to avoid the pitfalls of poor value jewelry buying and the “retail-resale trap”.


3) Selling your items or borrowing against them: At Lombard, the transparency generated by the above-mentioned concepts, empowers the customer with the knowledge necessary to use their purchase as an asset to raise cash. Whether the cash is needed or not will help determine the method – selling and cashing out or borrowing. First and foremost: all we hear in the markets are companies trying to convince you to sell your jewelry. Many shops have hawkers trying to lure people in to sell their items. Why sell your items if they seem to be in such demand? They must be worth a lot of money if all these companies are itching, scratching and clawing to get a piece of your jewelry. Now that we know that your valuables are in demand, we can decide the right path to converting them to cash. Selling and saying “goodbye” to your valuables as all the market calls for, may be the wrong decision. The table below, all based on the motivation of the customer, will help illustrate our views as to the appropriate action of selling or borrowing:


Lombard Mutual Selling vs. Borrowing Chart
Cash Motivation Types of Jewelry Method Beneficial Reason
©2011 Lombard Mutual
Need of Cash Cherished Items Borrow Raise Cash While Keeping Items
Need of Cash Uncherished Items Either Don’t Care About Item
Unwanted Inheritance Uncherished Items Either Convert Unused Assets into Cash
Unworn Items Uncherished Items Sell Remove Unwanted Clutter
Gifts You Don’t Need Uncherished Items Sell Get Rid of Unwanted Memories
*Be advised that customer decisions vary and this chart is simply a guide on what others have done with their valuables